Unique Selling Proposition of MMA

A specialized program

Specialists are formed within the field of marketing analysis and marketing communications. All courses are specialized and advanced. This program does not offer introductory education into the field of marketing.

An in-depth and research focus

This program does not provide a general education in marketing management but, on the contrary, emphasizes research topics of a quantitative as well as of a qualitative nature. Having strong analytical skills is a must.

Newest techniques in marketing analysis

Not only will your knowledge of existing research methods and techniques be improved, but you will also learn to cope with the most recent techniques in the domain of marketing analysis. A variety of advanced software tools is used to enhance the educational experience.

Focus on open-source software

In the program, we primerily teach Python, R, SQL, and PySpark. These are the most important data science tools.

Instant usefulness to companies

This program is continuously testing the practical relevance and usefulness of the topics taught. Companies are encouraged to apply the techniques on their own business data. Practicality is a high priority! Young graduates are benefitting from the fact that they can work on a project together with experienced people.

Involvement of world experts in the field of marketing analysis

Regularly, national and international guest lecturers and professors are invited. They focus on specific topics and show how to translate theory into practice. There is ample opportunity to discuss several topics with these experts. Visit our blog for more up-to-date detailed information (www.mma.UGent.be, click on the link to our blog).

Problem-focused education with professional support

Every session starts from a well-defined 'real business problem', focusing our attention always on relevant problems. Consequently, this enhances the practical value of this Master program. In addition, during the program, you will be under supervision of a professional teaching staff consisting of professors and assistants. The expertise available within the Department of Marketing constitutes a real asset, e.g. during the supervision of projects. Your expectations will often be checked and by taking into account your suggestions we are continuously striving to finetune the program.

Opportunity to spread courses over multiple years

The program also targets people with several years of experience who are willing to make a substantial effort, either studying full-time or part-time. To facilitate the latter choice, we offer the opportunity to follow our program on a part-time basis, and to spread the program over 2 years. In addition, as already mentioned, you will carry out well-defined projects on your own business data.