Facilities - Software

The Master of Science in Data Science for Business is pround to that it uses/has been using the latest and greatest software to teach students insights and skills that can immediately be put to use in their future practice. In the past years, we moved to 100% open source software. This is a major trend in computer science, and in data science in particular.


The Python language has become the most popular language for Data Science in recent years.

More specifically, in the course of 'Analytical Customer Relationship Management', students are introduced to the Python language.

Apache Spark

To run Python code more efficiently, we make use of the Apache Spark framework to parallellize code.

Spark provides an interface for programming entire clusters with implicit data parallelism and fault tolerance.

R open-source statistical software

Moreover, in the course of 'Machine Learning', the focus is on studying the R programming language, a language for statistical computing.

This knowledge is further deepened in the course of 'Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics'


Third, we also teach our students SQL (structured query language) in Oracle's database management system (DBMS).