The fourth project was titled “Exploring Analytical Customer Relationship Management predictive model for an international fashion e-commerce company” for


Next, Ileen and Parteek completed a project titled “Predicting high eWOM Tweets (electronic word-of-mouth): Investigating the Importance of Tweet Sentiment” for an anonymous organization.

The third project was titled “Mapping Fake News and its Disseminators: Building a Fake News detection model on Swedish pre-election Twitter data.” This project was carried out for an undisclosed international organization. See picture below. Congrats to Sonja and Jean-Michel for a great job!

The fifth project “Predicting customer leads using Foursquare and company-internal data” was carried out in cooperation with AB Inbev.

The sixth project was “Predicting prospect-to-lead conversion in a B2B setting: a case study from the software industry” in cooperation with SMS-Timing, the Karting loyalty software company. See pictures below.